Welcome to my Bio

Thank you for coming to my website, my name is Hugo Alexander Carreno
and I am an upcoming IT Professional. Everything in the IT fields fascinates
from hardware, networking and penetration testing.

To give some background I was born in Colombia but raised here in the United States.
One of my hobbies is boxing, I started boxing classes in the year 2014 over the summer.
I only go now about once a month due to work and school but I still watch proffesionals fight.

To share a dislike, I dislike my current job. I am currently a transporter for Broward Health
Imperial Point and as I transport a patient, I hate it because I know I am better than moving patients.
Everyday I go to work, is another day that I think about the day I get an IT job. Having to move
patients that urinate and poop on themselves is not a good job. The job is a con but the benefits from Broward Health is a pro.

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